The interesting journey of the fascinator

Women can find ways to decorate themselves.  It is also evident in children. Girls have ribbons or anything that you can see that they put in their hair. That is why parents sometimes like girls to have as children as they can dress them and let them look pretty. Boys can have hats and a good haircut to change their look although girls have more alternative. That has come a long way as women also in the past have found different ways to beautify their hair.

In the infographic, you have seen the journey of a fascinator. It is not just hats that women can wear but also these fascinators who had a long history. It was different before on how it is done being compared in today’s time. You can see the changes that have occurred in the 13th century until it has passed onto the next century and then they also have had their own way of doing it. The fascinator has reached a silent point where it is not used.

But it has quickly got into action again when it resurfaced. From that time on there are many revisions also that has been done and the materials have changed. The designs vary and it depends on the milliner on how it could be done. There are types of it that could be the guideline but most of it depends on what would you like. There are many tutorials already posted on how to make one. That is the advantage we can get with technology.